Improve Your Unit Testing Readability using SUT Helper Method

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash Unit Testing is really important to guarantee that the code that we write is work. As a Software Engineer, sometimes dealing with testing can be little bit difficult to read, if we don’t do it in a clean and proper way. SUT stands for System Under Test, is a system … Continue reading Improve Your Unit Testing Readability using SUT Helper Method

Model-View-Controller (MVC)? Apa? Kenapa?

Pada pengembangan aplikasi, Design Pattern (pola-pola perancangan) merupakan hal yang penting untuk diterapkan untuk memudahkan developer. Kali ini, penulis mau bahas tentang MVC, yaitu Model-View-Controller. MVC adalah salah satu compound Design Pattern yang memisahkan urusan antara komponen Model, View dan Controller. Intinya, kode tentang View, tidak dicampurkan dalam kode Model, dan seterusnya. MVC dapat membantu … Continue reading Model-View-Controller (MVC)? Apa? Kenapa?

MVVM on iOS with Alamofire

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) is another design pattern that people used in mobile development, including on iOS. This pattern gains popularity amongs mobile developer since the “C” layer from MVC handle so many things. Some people jokes about Massive-View-Controller (MVC) because the ViewController not really a controller, it also handle the UI, networking, and others. MVVM provides … Continue reading MVVM on iOS with Alamofire